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My Favorite Thing Is Monsters

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, by Emil Farris, is about young Karen who draws herself as a female Wolfman who is also a pulp novel detective bent on solving the murder of her upstairs neighbor, who is a survivor of sexual violence and the Holocaust. Karen fills her notebook with drawings of her beloved Horror comic book covers and the diverse people who populate her neighborhood and apartment building. She is inspired by her older brother who takes her to art museums and studies the master paintings with her. As Karen sketches the world around her, we see how everyday people can be monstrous, and the perceived "real" monsters can be a sanctuary.

Love In Vain

Johnson is a mystical enigmatic figure who's history is swirled in myth. In this volume we see the bargain he supposedly made with the devil at a crossroads of Mississippi highways - selling his soul in order to play guitar with supernatural talent.

How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy is a collection of emotionally complex stories centered around the search for happiness.  It is the impressive work of the cartoonist and illustrator Eleanor Davis. It is not, however, a book about how to find happiness - rather more the bewildering pursuit of that elusive state.