Blog Statement

As often as I can, I visit bookstores and libraries for the sense of pleasure I find there. A room of books is a room of old friendships, and new ones about to be discovered. Bookhearted is a place to share the most special of these friends. While I love all kinds of stories, my favorite flavor is something magical with a touch of reality in lyrical prose - it’s got to have some poetry to the style. I want my reading experiences to be like eating whipped cream that nourishes my heart and mind.

My love of all reading grew from my mother’s commitment to reading to me constantly as I grew up, and her love of art blossomed in me, beginning with picture books. I am currently working on writing and illustrating my own children’s stories, and will also share that journey here. I justify my endless growing collection of children’s books as “research”, but honestly, I just love them regardless. They take me back to a time when life was as simple as reading in my bedroom all day, at a slow delicious pace.

I think it’s incredibly important to feed children’s imaginations with quality stories and beautiful illustration. My favorite gifts to give children are books. Here I’ll share my favorite books for children (and adult children alike) to keep inspiring the dreamers of the future.



Lindsey Caneso is an Art Director at a gift and stationery company in Culver City, California. She graduated in Communication Arts with Honors in 2004 from Otis College of Art and Design. While at Otis, she worked in the college library and enjoyed bookbinding and letterpress work. She currently directs and designs artwork for all manner of stationery, home storage and  gift products, has illustrated and self published her own children’s book, and is raising a little girl to love art and books as much as she does.